15-10-2008 New Contract between Glextel I.C and huawei       1-10-2008 Huawei project          1-8-2008 Nec Contract          1-8-2008 Glextel integrated framwork         21-2-2008 Iso  ( 9001\2000) Certification
GLEXTEL Strategy
GLEXTEL Quality Policy
GLEXTEL Quality objectives
Installation flow chart

Customer Focused

  • To provide Clients with maximum quality services through continuous improvements that meet and exceed their expectations and requirements, at a cost that they believe is value for money;
  • To make commitments we fully understand and believe we can meet on time


Performance Driven

  • Our team of dedicated professionals work with passion to maintain and continually improve the quality in keeping with our mission objectives;
  • Commitment in upgrading the capabilities of its technical and administrative staff through formal training and continuous technical quality awareness.


Achieve GLEXTEL Vision and Value Proposition

  • To continually achieve flexibility in product acquisition, national spread, professionalism, effective distribution capability and be seen as the preferred supplier and logistics service provider of Telecom services.