15-10-2008 New Contract between Glextel I.C and huawei       1-10-2008 Huawei project          1-8-2008 Nec Contract          1-8-2008 Glextel integrated framwork         21-2-2008 Iso  ( 9001\2000) Certification
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Core Network Services

Our core activities are born out of the need for a turn key solution services for GSM and fixed networks to the downstream sector of the telecom and data industry. They are:

  • Installation and test of AXE10, AXE810 fixed wire line, BSC, MSC, VLR and HLR switches, IOG20 and/or APG40.
  • An unlimited number of switch implementation in different countries.
  • Engine Access Ramp.
  • Implementation, test, and integration services for more than 100,000 subscribers in Egypt, TE account.
  • Engine AXD301 and Engine AXD305.
  • Implementation, test, configuration, and integration services for 10 TES, telephony servers & 20 MG, and Media gate ways in Egypt, TE account.
  • Production of Data Transcript files based on the provided C3A files.
  • Integration of BSC, MSC, VLR and HLR into a GSM network. Integration of local, tandem, and transit switches into the fixed network.
  • Integration of RSS (BYB 202 hardware or 501 Engine Access Ramp).
  • Installation and test of all types of RBS, 2302, 2308, 2102, 2202, 2206, 2106, 2207...etc.
  • Installation and test of all types of RBS antennas, Mini Links, and DXX.