15-10-2008 New Contract between Glextel I.C and huawei       1-10-2008 Huawei project          1-8-2008 Nec Contract          1-8-2008 Glextel integrated framwork         21-2-2008 Iso  ( 9001\2000) Certification
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Implementation Services

  • BTS Implementation
    The BTS Department involves the installation and testing of various solutions and systems, including:
    Installation, testing, and commissioning of macro and micro BTS
    Installation of indoor coverage and solutions (hotels, conference halls, and theatres, etc…) Installation or outdoor coverage solutions (rooftops, green fields, highways, etc…)
    Installation of battery backup system
    Installation of rectifiers
    Drive test
    Microwave Implementation
    Installation of all types of antennas (0.3 m, 0.6, 1.2, and 1.8 m)
    Testing and alignment of various links
    Upgrading from 1+0 to 1+1 system.
    Switch Implementation
    Installation of raised floor for new nodes.
    Installation, testing & integration of MSC's, BSC's, SCP's, HLR's & GMSC's.
    Expansion of MSC's, BSC's, SCP's, HLR's, and GMSC's.
    Installation of switch power systems.