15-10-2008 New Contract between Glextel I.C and huawei       1-10-2008 Huawei project          1-8-2008 Nec Contract          1-8-2008 Glextel integrated framwork         21-2-2008 Iso  ( 9001\2000) Certification
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Logistics Services

    Upon reception of work order from the customer, our Logistics department, handles the transportation of the site material from the customer ware house to the site, or to our ware house.
    The installation team checks the site material against the Bill of Quantity and gives an immediate report about any missing items.
When the material is transported to our ware house, it is classified and sorted inside the ware house and all the data is entered into our warehouse software system.
The software system keeps track of all the tool kits in the field and a monthly report is prepared by the warehouse supervisor about the needed tools.
Our Logistics department keeps track of all the faulty equipments returned from the sites until it is replaced and re-installed.